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The Difference Between Commercial Central Air Conditioning and

  The structure of commercial central air conditioning equipment and household central air conditioning is nearly the same. It is the difference in refrigeration forms due to power gap that divided into commercial and household one. As for compressor, it is mainly integral rotor compressor and  screw compressor for household central air conditioner while centrifugal compressor and large screw compressor for large commercial central air conditioning engineering. In addition, commercial central air conditioning is much more  complicated  in control system, automatic control of the pipeline, air dehumidification, humidification, medical treatment etc. than the household central air conditioning, not even mentioning the household accounting issues.

Introduction of Central Air Conditioning System

  The central air conditioning system consists of master and terminal system. It can be divided into entire air system, entire water system, air -water system and refrigerant system according to the medium burdening indoor heat and  wet load. According to the concentration of air handling equipment it can be divided into centralized type and semi centralized type. According to the source of treated air it can be divided into closed type, DC type, mixed type (once return air/twice return air). The main components of air conditioning are master(cold/heat source), hood, fan coil etc..

The Operational Principle of Air Source Heat Pump Unit

  Air source heat pump unit mainly consists of two parts: air-cooled heat pump unit and end fan coil, which work together. The former supply cold water/hot water then cold air/hot air will be sucked out from water by the latter through heat exchanger. As the master of an air conditioner system, air-cooled heat pump unit uses air-cooled condenser instead of cooling tower. Besides, the evaporator is a water cooled one. Cold water is supplied in summer when it cooling and hot water is supplied in winter when it heating. The fan coil, as the terminal device in the system, is installed indoor. Heat of the air is sucked from low temperature area to high temperature area with the help of heat pump just the same as the water flow from low place to high place with a water pump.

Introduction of Water-cooled Chiller

  Water-cooled chiller is the most common cooling unit for medium and large air conditioning systems. Water-cooled air conditioning, as the name suggests, achieves cooling effect by the physical properties that is the evaporation of water will absorb heat around. In spite of cooling function, water-cooled air conditioning contains other functions such as ventilation, dust-off, odor remove etc. It is at present the most common ventilation & cooling equipment  for enterprise workshop, public place and commercial entertainment place.
  Water cooled chiller and air cooled chillers are exactly the same in the refrigeration form and equipment function, both of which can be compatible with each other. The difference is in the cooling form of their condenser and shell or tube condenser is normally used in water-cooled with water as the cooling medium, and air-cooled unit adopts the finned tube condenser, directly use air as cooling medium.

Precision Air Conditioning( Isothermal & Isohumidity air conditioner)

  Isothermal &Isohumidity air conditioner refers to the special air conditioning machine with strict requirement for temperature, humidity and cleanliness. With functions of high efficiency and energy saving, low noise and environmental protection etc., it can be widely used in electronic, optical equipment, cosmetics, medical and health, bio pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, all kinds of measurement, testing and laboratory etc..
  Precision air conditioning(also known as Isothermal &Isohumidity air conditioner) can fully meet the special requirements for environmental conditions in machine room. It is a new model developing in the past 30 years.  It is better than the comfort air conditioning room applied early, which involves a lot in equipment stability of operation, interference of the data transmission, electrostatic problem due to failing control to the environmental parameters of temperature and humidity.

Fresh Air Ventilator

  The operational principle of fresh air ventilator is in this way: one side of an airtight room mechanically supplying fresh air while the other side sucking polluted air, which then caused the so called “ Fresh air flow field”. It is a kind of new environmental protection equipment keeping the indoor air clean and fresh. The replacement of independent circulatory system, eliminating indoor air pollution at the same time, supplying natural fresh air after multi- processed such as filtration, sterilization, heat, oxygen etc..

Water/Underground Heat Pump Central Air Conditioning

  Water/underground source heat pump unit is a high efficiency energy-saving air conditioning system using shallow ground geothermal resources such as groundwater, soil or surface water. The unit makes full use of the nature that there is a relatively temperature stability between groundwater and soil, and realizes heat exchange process through groundwater or pipe system buried in soil, finally achieves the transfer from low energy to high energy. The realization of heating room in winter comes from the low-grade heat in water/underground source transfer s to room, and cooling room in summer by releasing the indoor heat into water/underground.
  Kingair screw water/underground source heat pump unit can be realized both summer cooling and winter heating. And with high efficiency in operation due to relatively stable and suitable temperature of water/underground, which leads to an ideal condition of condensation and evaporation, the cooling energy efficiency ratio is as high as 6.4 and the heating energy efficiency ratio is as high as 5.1, which can effectively overcome many disadvantages of air-cooled heat pump such as low efficiency, unstability in heating supply and heat attenuation in low temperature.
  The Main Advantages of The Unit:
  looded evaporator design, can increase COP by 15% to achieve energy saving.Screw compressor with less components, with functions of reliable operation, low noise, long service life.
  Screw compressor, without unbalanced inertia force, no liquid hammer, the unit can achieve a long-term stable operation.
  Screw compressor, in adaptability of variable operating condition, in stable operation under exhaust back pressure in the capacity range 25% - 100%.
  Without the surge problem of centrifugal, with high part load performance  (IPLV=6.8)
  Multipurpose machine, can satisfy customer’s need in annual cooling, heating, hot water without additional installation of boiler or cooling tower.

The Conception of Multi-connection Central Air Conditioning

  Multi-line Central air-conditioning is a type of household central air conditioning, commonly known as the "one to many". It refers to an refrigerant air conditioning system that contains one outdoor machine pipe connecting two or more than two of indoor machine. The outdoor achieves heat exchange by air-cooled and the indoor by direct evaporation. Multi-connection system is widely used in small and medium construction and some public buildings.

Advantages of Modular Units

  1) Flexible Connection, Convenient Installation
  Each module unit is provided with independent cooling system and control of protection system, and each module is able to meet the requirement for load capacity step by step. In order to ensure that the unit of continuous operation, high reliability and no standby unit , any of the module of fault will not affect the normal work of other units.
  The same or different type of modules can be installed independently or be assembled together. It can mostly achieve 8 modules of network with high flexibility, for saving space of lifting and installation costs.
  The unit is hard-design with small space-taking.
  2)Intelligent Control, High Efficiency and Energy-saving
  The unit can be start-stop classifiedly due to modular design so that to reduce the instantaneous shock to electrical power net and save the input to the distribution capacity.
  The microcomputer controller can automatically sense the air conditioning load to adjust the output capacity of corresponding modular according to the theory of fuzzy control, then achieve the best match of cold quantity and load of the unit, finally to minimize the operating costs.
  The unit adopts the latest total sealed scroll compressor, with low noise, small vibration and high energy efficiency ratio.
  More than one compressors are applied in refrigeration system with parallel design, and part-load efficiency is increased by 15%, which saves electrical energy.

The number of horses

  The number of horses refers to the electrical power consumption instead of refrigerating capacity . 1 horse =1 HP =735W. When referring horses of an air conditioning, it means refrigerating capacity estimated from electrical power consumption. Generally, a horse is equal to the refrigerating capacity of 2500W (25 models), and 1.5 horses is approximately equal to the refrigerating of 3500 (35 models). Also the horses of the rest models can be estimated according to the refrigerating capacity, such as 50 model for 2 horses.

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